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Surat Name   The Ascending Stairways
Sort   70
Original   Al Maarij
Revelated   In Mecca
Total Verses   44

  In The Name Of Allah The Entirely Merciful The Especially Merciful

70:1 A supplicant asked for a punishment bound to happen

70:2 To the disbelievers; of it there is no preventer.

70:3 [It is] from Allah , owner of the ways of ascent.

70:4 The angels and the Spirit will ascend to Him during a Day the extent of which is fifty thousand years.

70:5 So be patient with gracious patience.

70:6 Indeed, they see it [as] distant,

70:7 But We see it [as] near.

70:8 On the Day the sky will be like murky oil,

70:9 And the mountains will be like wool,

70:10 And no friend will ask [anything of] a friend,

70:11 They will be shown each other. The criminal will wish that he could be ransomed from the punishment of that Day by his children

70:12 And his wife and his brother

70:13 And his nearest kindred who shelter him

70:14 And whoever is on earth entirely [so] then it could save him.

70:15 No! Indeed, it is the Flame [of Hell],

70:16 A remover of exteriors.

70:17 It invites he who turned his back [on truth] and went away [from obedience]

70:18 And collected [wealth] and hoarded.

70:19 Indeed, mankind was created anxious:

70:20 When evil touches him, impatient,

70:21 And when good touches him, withholding [of it],

70:22 Except the observers of prayer –

70:23 Those who are constant in their prayer

70:24 And those within whose wealth is a known right

70:25 For the petitioner and the deprived –

70:26 And those who believe in the Day of Recompense

70:27 And those who are fearful of the punishment of their Lord –

70:28 Indeed, the punishment of their Lord is not that from which one is safe –

70:29 And those who guard their private parts

70:30 Except from their wives or those their right hands possess, for indeed, they are not to be blamed –

70:31 But whoever seeks beyond that, then they are the transgressors –

70:32 And those who are to their trusts and promises attentive

70:33 And those who are in their testimonies upright

70:34 And those who [carefully] maintain their prayer:

70:35 They will be in gardens, honored.

70:36 So what is [the matter] with those who disbelieve, hastening [from] before you, [O Muhammad],

70:37 [To sit] on [your] right and [your] left in separate groups?

70:38 Does every person among them aspire to enter a garden of pleasure?

70:39 No! Indeed, We have created them from that which they know.

70:40 So I swear by the Lord of [all] risings and settings that indeed We are able

70:41 To replace them with better than them; and We are not to be outdone.

70:42 So leave them to converse vainly and amuse themselves until they meet their Day which they are promised –

70:43 The Day they will emerge from the graves rapidly as if they were, toward an erected idol, hastening.

70:44 Their eyes humbled, humiliation will cover them. That is the Day which they had been promised.


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