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Surat Name   Those Who Drag Forth
Sort   79
Original   An Naziat
Revelated   In Mecca
Total Verses   46

  In The Name Of Allah The Entirely Merciful The Especially Merciful

79:1 By those [angels] who extract with violence

79:2 And [by] those who remove with ease

79:3 And [by] those who glide [as if] swimming

79:4 And those who race each other in a race

79:5 And those who arrange [each] matter,

79:6 On the Day the blast [of the Horn] will convulse [creation],

79:7 There will follow it the subsequent [one].

79:8 Hearts, that Day, will tremble,

79:9 Their eyes humbled.

79:10 They are [presently] saying, "Will we indeed be returned to [our] former state [of life]?

79:11 Even if we should be decayed bones?

79:12 They say, "That, then, would be a losing return."

79:13 Indeed, it will be but one shout,

79:14 And suddenly they will be [alert] upon the earth's surface.

79:15 Has there reached you the story of Moses? –

79:16 When his Lord called to him in the sacred valley of Tuwa,

79:17 "Go to Pharaoh. Indeed, he has transgressed.

79:18 And say to him, 'Would you [be willing to] purify yourself

79:19 And let me guide you to your Lord so you would fear [Him]?'"

79:20 And he showed him the greatest sign,

79:21 But Pharaoh denied and disobeyed.

79:22 Then he turned his back, striving.

79:23 And he gathered [his people] and called out

79:24 And said, "I am your most exalted lord."

79:25 So Allah seized him in exemplary punishment for the last and the first [transgression].

79:26 Indeed in that is a warning for whoever would fear [ Allah ].

79:27 Are you a more difficult creation or is the heaven? Allah constructed it.

79:28 He raised its ceiling and proportioned it.

79:29 And He darkened its night and extracted its brightness.

79:30 And after that He spread the earth.

79:31 He extracted from it its water and its pasture,

79:32 And the mountains He set firmly

79:33 As provision for you and your grazing livestock.

79:34 But when there comes the greatest Overwhelming Calamity –

79:35 The Day when man will remember that for which he strove,

79:36 And Hellfire will be exposed for [all] those who see –

79:37 So as for he who transgressed

79:38 And preferred the life of the world,

79:39 Then indeed, Hellfire will be [his] refuge.

79:40 But as for he who feared the position of his Lord and prevented the soul from [unlawful] inclination,

79:41 Then indeed, Paradise will be [his] refuge.

79:42 They ask you, [O Muhammad], about the Hour: when is its arrival?

79:43 In what [position] are you that you should mention it?

79:44 To your Lord is its finality.

79:45 You are only a warner for those who fear it.

79:46 It will be, on the Day they see it, as though they had not remained [in the world] except for an afternoon or a morning thereof.


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